Filipino couples living abroad who desire to be legally married under the Family Code of the Philippines can do so within the premises of the Embassy. Article 10 of the Family Code empowers a Philippine consular officer to solemnize marriages between citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. No prescribed form or religious rite for the solemnization of a civil marriage is required under the Family Code. It shall be necessary, however, for the contracting parties to appear personally before the solemnizing officer and declare in the presence of not less than two witnesses of legal age that they take each other as husband and wife.

Before a solemnizing officer can officiate the marriage, a marriage license is required, being a formal requisite under Philippine law, except in cases covered under Chapter 2 of E.O. 209.

Once a marriage license has been granted to the Filipino couple abroad, the marriage ceremony and exchange of vows will be scheduled by the Embassy. The Embassy will issue a Marriage Certificate after the consular officer has solemnized the civil wedding, which shall be signed by the contracting parties and their witnesses.

The Embassy shall be responsible in transmitting a copy of the Marriage Certificate to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA, formerly NSO) in order for the marriage to be included in Philippine civil registry records.