Visa-required foreign nationals residing in Turkey who wish to travel to the Philippines for a short visit may apply for a single-entry 9A temporary visitor's visa at the the Philippine Embassy accept those nationalities with particular restrictions about the venue for filing applications under prevailing regulations.

The required documents to be presented at the the Philippine Embassy is dependent upon the category of visa / purpose of travel to the Philippines, following prevailing visa rules and regulations. In all cases, the visa officer has the right to require additional documents not listed herein to establish facts and confirm information about the visa applicant and his/her purpose of travel.

Under normal circumstances, the turn-around time for a single-entrynon-immigrant visa application as a temporary visitor is five (5) work days, starting from the next day after the date of acceptance of an application with complete support documents. The processing time may take longer, depending on the visa category being applied for, and/or the result of records verification and inter-agency checks in the Philippines.


Foreign nationals that travel frequently (two or more times in a year) to the Philippines may seek to obtain a multiple-entry temporary visitor's visa (valid for 6 months / 12 months) and read the information on how to obtain such a visa in the relevant section of this website.


1.) Submission of a visa application and payment for visa processing does not guarantee issuance.
2.) All processing fees collected in connection with a visa application are non-refundable.
3.) Documents submitted to the embbassy as part of the visa application are deemed part of embassy visa records and may not be returned to the applicant.


Foreign tourists and temporary visitors with a 9(A) visa are not permitted to study, practice their profession or seek employment in the Philippines without appropriate clearance/Study Permit or Special Work Permit from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

Foreigners who shall receive compensation from Philippine sources after having been admitted to the Philippines under a category 9(A) temporary visit visa need to coordinate with their Philippine office counterpart for the issuance of a Special Work Permit (SWP) pursuant to existing policies, rules and regulations of the Bureau of Immigration and other Philippine authorities.

For payments of visa processing fee, please refer to the current schedule of fees and charges for details. 


1.) Original passport and photocopy of its data page. The passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines. The passport must have at least four (4) blank pages for the visa and  Philippine Immigration entry/exit stamps.

2.) Duly-accomplished visa application form in English, signed by the visa applicant (except minor children, whose applications will be signed by their parents/legal guardian).

3.) Recent passport-size color photo of visa applicant taken within the last 3 months, pasted in the designated box of the application form.


Applicants proceeding to the Philippines for a legitimate, non-immigrant purpose such as sightseeing, amusement, sports and recreation, or tourism should present the basic requirements together with the following additional supporting documents with English translation, if written in any other language:

1.) Proof of Financial Capacity

Visa applicants must show proof that they have the necessary financial resources to travel to the Philippines and return to their country of origin after their intended stay. As a conservative estimate, temporary visitors going for tours, sightseeing and recreation must be able to present financial savings (if applicable) of at least US $3,000  or about US $2,000 for non-tourists coming for short-term stay not exceeding 30 days in the Philippines as a temporary visitor.

The required minimum amount for financial capacity may change from time to time depending upon the assessment of the Philippine Embassy.


 Applicant Type Required Documents
 With gainful income / present employment  a.) Copy of latest entry of funds / Bank Certificate showing sufficient financial savings to cover expenses for short-term stay in the Philippines.
Without gainful income / presently unemployed

 a.) Signed letter of guarantee from spouse/relatives/friends/parents or other guarantor

 b.) Copy of  guarantor's ID and his/her Bank Certificate showing sufficient financial savings to cover expenses for short-term stay in the Philippines of the visa applicant.

2.) Proof of Occupation

Temporary visitors shall be required to submit documents to prove their present occupation which may be any of the following, as applicable:

 Applicant Type Required Documents
 If a student currently enrolled in an Turkish school   a.) Proof of enrolment (copy of school ID or Enrolment Certificate with English translation, etc.)
 If employed / with present employment  a.) Certificate of Employment issued by the employer, providing company name and address in Turkey, nature of work, years of employment, and salary/wages of visa applicant.
 If self-employed / owns his or her own business   a. Certificate of Business Registration issued by Turkish authorities (with English translation)
 If retired / unemployed  a. Letter to the Consul explaining travel to the Philippines, providing applicant's last held job/work, and present source of finances and undertaking to return to Turkey upon completion of travel to the Philippines.


 3.) Proof of Living Accommodation Arrangements

Temporary visitors shall be required to provide documents to show proof of living accommodation while in the Philippines, which may be any of the following:

 Applicant Type Required Documents
 If intending to stay with a Philippine resident 

 a.) Notarized letter from the Philippine resident stating the fact that the visa applicant will stay in his/her residence for the duration of visit, providing the complete address and contact information of the Philippine resident, plus a copy of his/her ID or Philippine passport.

 If the inviting person residing in the Philippines is a foreigner, the letter should include his/her proof of legal status/visa in the Philippines.

 If intending to stay in a hotel / apartment / commercial housing facility   a.) copy of room reservation / email showing dates of stay and address of the hotel / apartment / housing facility


  1. Temporary visitors coming to participate in sporting events, tournaments, meets and special gatherings need to provide a notarized Letter of Invitation from the event organizers based in the Philippines in addition to the requirements listed above.
  2. Temporary visitors who will travel to the Philippines for sightseeing and tourism are advised to prepare a brief travel itinerary and submit this with your visa application to show your intended sites to visit.
  3. There is a restriction on the entry of Foreign nationals to the Philippines below fifteen years old if not travelling with a parent, or not joining a parent in the Philippines. Please read about the Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) for details. 


Foreign nationals coming to the Philippines for the purpose of attending international conferences, scientific, education, commercial, and/or professional workshops, conventions, lectures, contract negotiations, and other business meetings and company-related activities of similar nature, need to submit the basic requirements together with the following documents:

If being sent to the Philippines by Turkey-based company / corporation / organization:

1.) All the requirements for Temporary Visitors coming for Pleasure.
2.) Letter of Endorsement from the Turkey-based company/employer duly notarized by a Turkey notary public, certifying the visa applicant’s employment with the company, the purpose of travel/nature of the business trip to the Philippines.

If being invited by a Philippine-based company / corporation / organization:

1.) All the requirements for Temporary Visitors coming for Pleasure
2.) Letter of Invitation from the Philippine-based business partner/entity/counterpart company duly notarized by a Philippine notary public. The letter should include the reference person(s) in the Philippines and his/her contact details, the nature of the visit of the visa applicant, and further state to guarantee the foreign visitor’s compliance with Philippine laws and regulations.


Foreign nationals coming to the Philippines to visit immediate family members (wife/husband/son/ daughter) residing in the Philippines need to submit the basic requirements together with the following documents:

  1. All the requirements for Temporary Visitors coming for Pleasure.
  2. Proof of family ties/relations (with English translation if this is a foreign document)


Visa Application Forms: 

  1. 9(A) Temporary Visitor/Business Visa Application Form