Foreign nationals residing in Iran who will arrive in Philippine airports in transit to a final destination outside the Philippines, especially those with different carriers/airlines that necessitate entry through Philippine immigration counters for luggage claim/airport terminal transfer to their connecting flights may apply for a transit (9B) visa at the embassy/consulate and submit the following requirements:

1.) Original valid passport and photocopy of its data page.
2.) Duly-accomplished visa application form, signed by the visa applicant.
3.) Recent passport-size color photo of visa applicant taken within the last 3 months, pasted in the designated box of the application form.
4.) Valid proof of residency/legal immigration status/visa in country of final destination.
5.) Photocopy of travel itinerary/e-ticket showing inbound flight to the Philippines as well as connecting flight within 72 hours from the Philippines to final country of destination.
6.) Payment of non-refundable application processing fee. Please refer to the current schedule of fees and charges for details.

The processing time for transit visas is five (5) working days after the date of acceptance of the application. Additional support documents may be required to verify transient status of the visa applicant.


Visa Application Forms: 

  1. 9(A) Temporary Visitor/Business Visa Application Form