H.E. Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez receives a token from Ankara Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Mr. Gursel Baran. (ACC photo)

6 March 2020 – H.E. Raul S. Hernandez, Ambassador of the Philippines to Turkey, met with Mr. Gürsel Baran, Chairman of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC) at its headquarters on 5 March 2020. Ambassador Hernandez and Mr. Baran discussed ways to deepen economic engagements between the Philippines and Turkey.

Ambassador Hernandez noted that bilateral economic engagement between the Philippines and Turkey remains below potential despite the long-standing diplomatic partnership of 70 years. While bilateral trade volume is expected to rise in the next two years due to Philippine procurement of Turkish defense products, cooperation in other, and equally important areas including construction, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, tourism, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, science and technology and SME development, among others, is needed for more balanced and sustainable commercial linkages.

Chairman Baran agreed to co-organize a one-day seminar on the Philippines to include a presentation on business opportunities and the current investment climate in the Philippines for ACC members. Chairman Baran stated that the Philippines is an important player in its region due to its population, large domestic market and increasing levels of economic growth and expressed the ACC's readiness to welcome a business delegation from the Philippines for sectoral and B2B meetings as well as ocular visits to Ankara’s strong sectors, which include education and health tourism among others.

The Ankara Chamber of Commerce is one of Turkey’s largest business chambers with 157,000 members. ACC is the biggest non-governmental organization in Anatolia contributing to the growth of the Turkish economy. END



H.E. Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez and ACC Chairman, Mr. Gursel Baran lead their respective delegations at the meeting. (ACC photo)