1. Provision of relief goods for those who have lost jobs: food packs distributed to Filipinos in Ankara;
  1. Provision of Food vouchers/Hediye Karti (BIM & Migros) for Filipinos from Adana, Antalya, Antakya, Bodrum, Bolu, Denizli, Izmir, Marmaris, Mersin and Sanliurfa;
  1. Shared donated food, masks and hand sanitizers with Istanbul PCG for Filipinos in its area;
  1. In coordination with Tbilisi PCG, assisted 34 Filipinos with accommodation and food support;
  1. Repatriated 128 land- and sea-based Filipinos including 19 students from Turkey on 10 June;
  1. Repatriated 192 Filipinos on 9 July (184 sea-based, 7 land-based from North Cyprus & 2 from Istanbul);
  1. Assisted 5 Kuwait-based OFWs in the land border crossing from Georgia to Turkey for their flight to Kuwait, including transport and PCR testing;
  1. Helped Istanbul PCG in extending passport services to Filipinos to meet the demand for passport applications which have built up over the past months due to the pandemic;
  1. Extended assistance to Filipino students in Turkey in obtaining their Certificate of Equivalence from DepEd International Coorperation Office, which would enable them to pursue their higher studies in Turkey;
  1. Repatriation of remains of the late Maria Biluan;
  1. Sent communications to Manila to recommend negotiations for a labor agreement with Turkey to ensure fair & friendly working conditions for our OFWs; and
  1. During this pandemic, the Embassy never closed down except during weekends and holidays, and remains contactable 24/7 thru our hotline (0 (534) 577 23 44) for emergency cases.

Continuing assistance to Filipinos in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and North Cyprus with guidance and support from the DFA, Philippines and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & relevant Turkish ministries, our Consulates General and Filcom organizations in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Tbilisi, Baku, and donors.

Kabayan, salamat po sa suporta n’yo!