The Embassy team in action in Adana for consular and overseas voting registration services to Filipinos on 5 September 2021. (Embassy photo)



Embassy team with Filipino Community members in Adana. (Embassy photo)

Adana, 5 September 2021-- A team from the Philippine Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, led by Vice Consul Marc Theodore P. Benigno,  rendered over 50 consular and overseas registration services to Filipinos in Adana, Turkey,  during its consular outreach mission and overseas voting field registration on 5 September 2021. Filipinos from other nearby cities, e.g. Hatay and Mersin, also availed of the services.


Filipinos from Hatay and Mersin traveled to Adana for consular services (Embassy photo)

The consular mission in Adana is part of the Embassy’s continuous efforts to bring its services closer to Filipinos in Turkey based outside Ankara. With restrictions against COVID19 eased by the host government from June 2021, the mission in Adana is the third Embassy outreach in Turkey for the year, following those in Hatay and Antalya.  In the interest of public health and safety, both Embassy personnel and applicants all wore face masks and observed social distancing guidelines throughout the conduct of the mission. END