20210912 Izmir Consular Mission

The Embassy team providing consular and overseas voting registration services to Filipinos in Izmir on 12 September 2021. (Embassy Photo)

IZMIR 13 September 2021—The Philippine Embassy provided over 60 consular and overseas registration services to Filipino community members in Izmir during its consular outreach mission and overseas voting field registration on 12 September 2021.

"The services of the Philippine government, through the Embassy and Consulates General, should be available to all Filipinos even when abroad," said Ambassador Maria Elena P. Algabre to the Filipino community in Izmir. "When you cannot go to the Embassy, we will go to you," she continued.

20210912 Izmir Filcom

Ambassador Maria Elena P. Algabre introduces herself and discusses the services of the Embassy to the Filipino community. (Embassy Photo)

In her first official trip to Izmir, Ambassador Algabre introduced herself and the Embassy team to the Filipino community in an afternoon meet-and-greet program. She explained the services of the Embassy and addressed concerns of the Filipino community. 

Consul General ad honorem, Mr. Ender Yorgancilar, of the Philippine Consulate General in Izmir,  also graced the event and affirmed his continued support and assistance to the Filipino community.##