Ambassador Maria Elena P. Algabre  and  Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) President Erdal Eren Embassy Photo)

ANKARA 23 September 2021 – The possibilities for leading Turkish construction companies to be involved in the infrastructure development in the  Philippines was discussed between Philippine Ambassador to Turkey, Maria Elena P. Algabre, and Mr. Erdal Eren, President of the Turkish Contractors Association (TCA).

Noting that Turkey is the world’s third biggest contractor and boasts world-class construction companies,  Ambassador Algabre invited the member construction companies of TCA to participate in the Philippines’ ongoing Build Build Build program aimed to enhance the nation’s infrastructure.


 Ambassador Algabre informs Mr. Efren of the infrastructure development in the Philippines. (Embassy photo)

The Philippines Build Build Build Program is aimed at investing in a wide range of infrastructure projects,  not only roads, railways, airports and ports, as well as health facilities and digital infrastructure,    to link people and businesses together, and support the growing needs of the country.  Strategic infrastructure is being implemented for the sectors of transport, water resources, social, ICT and energy.