The Philippine Embassy team rendering passport and civil registration services to Filipino community   members in Antakya, Hatay. (Embassy Photo)

ANTAKYA, 21 November 2021: For the second time this year, the Philippine Embassy in Ankara dispatched a consular team to Turkey’s southernmost province of Hatay to render services to Filipinos based in Antakya and from nearby cities like Arsuz and Iskenderun.  

In the Embassy’s consular outreach mission conducted on 21 November 2021, the growing number of Filipinos in Hatay province, primarily women married to Turkish nationals, were served with passport and civil registration services.


The Embassy team with the Filipino community in Hatay. (Embassy Photo)

With the easing of travel restrictions in Turkey, the Embassy continues its efforts to bring its services closer to Filipinos outside the Turkish capital of Ankara in the different provinces, especially for those unable to travel to the Embassy in Ankara or the Consulate in Istanbul. ##