ANKARA, 21 June 2022 – The Sentro Rizal of the Philippine Embassy in Ankara unveiled the “GINTO (GOLD) Exhibit: A Golden Heritage from our Filipino Ancestors,” during its diplomatic reception to commemorate the 124th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence on 20 June 2022 at the CerModern Arts Center.


Ribbon cutting ceremony for the GINTO Exhibit (L-R: Consul General Arvin de Leon of the Philippine Consulate General in Istanbul, Dr. Mehmet Muş, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, Philippine Ambassador to Türkiye Maria Elena P. Algabre and Ms. Simay Çoban, Culture and Art Programs Assistant of CerModern) (Embassy photo)

Five hundred years ago, the Spanish explorers who landed in the Philippines noted that “pieces of gold, the size of walnuts and eggs are found in the island.” Because of the abundant gold resources, our Filipino ancestors became master goldsmiths creating jewelry pieces and ornaments that are works of art.

The featured ancient ornaments in the pictorial exhibit are reproductions of those crafted by our Filipino ancestors 700 to 1,200 years ago. The originals form part of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Pre-Hispanic Gold Collection. In the Philippines, the 10th to 14th centuries were years of political, economic, and social progress, when primary artistic and scientific development occurred. Unearthed gold ornaments manifest a rich material culture and a thriving trade with neighboring countries during this period. (Reference: NCCA Exhibition Catalogue, February 2017).

Ginto 2

Ambassador Algabre delivers her opening remarks as Minister Dr. Mehmet Muş (far left) and other guests look on. (Embassy photo)

“The Ginto Exhibit highlights the cognizance and pride for the civilization of our ancestors long before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1521,” said Ambassador Maria Elena P. Algabre in her welcome remarks.


Ginto 3

Ginto 4

Ambassador Algabre gives Minister Dr. Mehmet Muş, together with the Ambassadors of Kyrgyzstan and Iran, a tour of the exhibit. (Embassy photos)

The event was graced by Dr. Mehmet Muş, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, who congratulated the Philippines on this momentous occasion and expressed his country’s optimism in forging closer relations with the Philippines, noting that bilateral relations between the two nations were established in 1949.    

At the cocktail reception, hors d’oeuvres were served to the visitors. Guests were able to sample Filipino flavors in the form of ube pandesal (purple yam-flavored Filipino bread) and ube and mango ice cream prepared by Embassy personnel and family members.

Ginto 5

Ginto 6

Ginto 7

Guests viewing the exhibit attractions (Embassy photos)


An estimated total of 300 guests, officials of the Turkish Government, members of the diplomatic corps, business community, and the academe, attended the reception. Guests received pamaypays, traditional hand-held fans, with fun summer colors, as souvenirs during the event.

Ginto 8

Ginto 9

Guests posing with their souvenir pamaypays, traditional hand-held fans from the Philippines. (Embassy photos)

Ginto 9a

The Philippine Embassy team with their family members. (Embassy photo)

The GINTO Exhibit, in collaboration with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) of the Philippines is open to the public for two (2) weeks until 04 July 2022 at the South Gallery of the CerModern Arts Center, a museum in Ankara which hosts modern-art exhibits and events in a former railway workshop.##