The Philippine Embassy in Ankara would like to advise all Filipinos who are planning to travel home to the Philippines from abroad via Tűrkiye of the following:

1. Choose the most direct flight to Manila on a single ticket itinerary and request that your luggage be checked through from the port of origin all the way to the port of destination.

2. Refrain from booking a ticket to the Philippines with connecting domestic flights in Tűrkiye (e.g. Ankara-Istanbul, Antalya-Istanbul) unless you have a valid Turkish visa. Filipinos traveling to Türkiye, even as transit passengers, are required to possess a valid Turkish visa in order to enter the country/domestic transit area.

3.Before travelling, know the travel regulations of each transit point. Whether the tickets were personally booked online or through a travel agency, it is the passenger’s responsibility to check all the travel regulations of their ports of transit and/or destination.

4. Be aware of the current regulations for arriving passengers in the Philippines (i.e. One Health Pass registration, vaccination card, etc.) Kindly refer to Public Advisory 10-2022 dated 02 June 2022 (link).

Thank you.

Ankara, 30 June 2022