A Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) is required for alien minors below fifteen (15) years of age, travelling unaccompanied by, or not joining his/her parent(s) in the Philippines, regardless if the minor needs an entry visa or not.

Waiver of Exclusion Ground applications are processed and approved by Philippine immigration authorities at the port of entry, after submission of an affidavit of support and guarantee with consent to travel and supporting documents.

Either parent or the child’s legal guardian may execute the affidavit before a consular officer at the the Philippine Embassy, therein stating that the child will be travelling to the Philippines either alone, or accompanied by a duly appointed travel companion, along with the child’s place of residence while in the Philippines.

Philippine Immigration authorities currently charge Php 3,120.00 (three thousand and one hundred twenty Philippine Pesos per child) for the processing and approval of the WEG. (This approximate payment for the WEG may be subject to change without prior notice.)

Present the following documents at the Embassy:

1) Two copies of duly accomplished Affidavit of Support and Guarantee with Consent to Travel for WEG, to be signed by the child’s parent/legal guardian in person at the embassy, or before a notary public if the parent/legal guardian cannot appear in person at the embassy.

If notarized by a Turkish notary, the affidavit should then be submitted to the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification and stamping by the legalization officer before the embassy can accept the affidavit for WEG.

2) Two copies of duly accomplished Application for WEG (signed by parent/legal guardian).
3) Passport-size photograph of the child (2 pcs);
4) Valid passport of minor child (2 copies of data page);
5) Valid passport of travel companion (2 copies of data page);
6) Valid passport of parent/legal guardian who executed the affidavit (2 copies of data page)
7) Record of Birth of the child (2 copies) which may be any of the following:
     a) If the child was born in the Philippines, submit the PSA-authentic birth certificate.
     b) If the child was born in Turkey and reported to the Philippine Embassy, submit the child’s Report of Birth.
     c) If the child was born in Turkey but was not reported to the Philippine Embassy, submit the child’s foreign birth register with English translation.


1) Issuance of the WEG Order is subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Immigration and all those who will be granted the WEG shall pay the corresponding fee upon arrival at the port of entry in the Philippines.
2) The payment collected from the public at the Philippine Embassy is for the legalization of the affidavit executed by the parent(s)/legal guardian. It is not the WEG fee.
3) The payment of the WEG fee and the issuance of the WEG Order are both done at the port of entry in the Philippines.


Visa Application Forms: 

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